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Back-up battery charging - cherub - 07-25-2011

Anyone know how long it might take for a battery to charge up to 80%? Light's been on solid red an awful long time.....

Re: Back-up battery charging - bnombe - 07-26-2011

Guess it's dependent on how low it was to begin with? In general you can calculate to provide an estimate (in theory) how long it takes to charge from 0% (provided battery still accepting charge) to 100%. It's essentially a division between the batter capacity measured in mAh (milli-Amp Hour) and charge rate in mA (milli-Amp).

Re: Back-up battery charging - Cableguy - 07-26-2011

What kind of trickle/smart charger are you using?
Was the battery dead?

Re: Back-up battery charging - cherub - 07-26-2011

Thanks Cableguy! It charged up after a long time but it's there. It'll be a handy backup should I ever need it. I'm guessing I should leave it cold until it's further needed...then charge it up again at that time? Thoughts?

Re: Back-up battery charging - Cableguy - 07-26-2011

Are you using a battery charger? Or battery tender?
Very different things.

I have my batteries hooked up to a battery tender when not in use. Sets the proper voltage and refreshes as needed without over charging the battery.
Here's what I have at home.
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You can also get a 4 port one as well.