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Re: Traveller exhaust system - waleed444 - 02-23-2015

I recently had Burnaby Kawasaki install a Scorpio SR 900i alarm system on my 2013 Ninja 650R. It was working just fine up until just a few days ago. Now for those of you who don't know, the system has an immobilizer, however my bike randomly shuts off while I'm riding. I thought it was due to a loose wire or something, however when i pulled open my bike and took off the tank, all the wires were secure with a good connection. I was wondering if anyone else has any experience with this alarm system or this issue. Any advise? I was thinking of just disconnecting the immobilizer all together , but id like to make use of the feature.

Re: Re: Traveller exhaust system - Bernie PRS Mechanic - 02-23-2015

I'm not familiar with that alarm, but Burnaby is a good shop, so I would drop by and let them have a look at it. It probably is the alarm, but not always. If you want warranty, don't start working on it yourself, you'll void the warranty.