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Lowering a bike - JYipYVR - 07-21-2017

Just wanted to get ideas on what the pros and cons are of lowering a bike.
I am thinking of lowering mine so I can be flat footed at stops, want to be as informed as possible before making the final decision.

Re: Lowering a bike - Bernie PRS Mechanic - 07-21-2017

Pros are you are flat footed at stops, which removes some anxiety, and makes life a little easier.
Cons are it changes the handling a bit (depending on which end you lower), reduces the ground clearance a little, and if the changes aren't easily reversed, can lower the value if the next person isn't looking for lowered. I guess the cost could be a con as well.

Re: Lowering a bike - Cableguy - 07-22-2017

I always like to lower both front and rear at the same time/height whenever possible.

Another option is to shave the seat!

Re: Lowering a bike - JYipYVR - 07-24-2017

Right now I'm on my balls of my feet. I think I need 1-1.5" lower to get flat footed. I don't think I'll get enough from just shaving the seat.

I was looking into some lowering links from, but I'm not sure what the lowering links will do to my travel distance of my suspension and how much the lower ground clearance will affect the handling and lean angle.

Re: Lowering a bike - Cableguy - 07-25-2017

1.5" is totally fine! We lowered a Ninja once 2", you're scraping pegs at the track, but I don't think you'll have those kind of issues on the street (you shouldn't be anyways!) Smile

Re: Lowering a bike - JYipYVR - 07-29-2017

Do you have any companies that have good reputations for parts that I should be looking in to?

Re: Lowering a bike - Cableguy - 07-29-2017

It depends on your budget and market availability. If you Googled Ninja 250 lowering links, you'll see some decent providers like Vortex, Soupy, Shogun, etc as well as cheaper versions.
Sometimes you have to go with what's available.
Some of the kits include an adjustable sidestand, which is awesome. (so you don't have to modify your stock ones)

Re: Lowering a bike - JYipYVR - 07-31-2017

Right now, I can only find a match from Lust Racing and Soupy Performance for my 2018 GSXS750. Any suggestions on which manufacturer is better? Or with the fact that my bike is a 2018, should I wait a little longer to see if any one else will start producing them?

Re: Lowering a bike - Cableguy - 07-31-2017

I would ask the different manufacturers if it fits your 2018 model, I only see listings up to 2017. Take your time and see which one you like.