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Back-up battery charging
Anyone know how long it might take for a battery to charge up to 80%? Light's been on solid red an awful long time.....
Guess it's dependent on how low it was to begin with? In general you can calculate to provide an estimate (in theory) how long it takes to charge from 0% (provided battery still accepting charge) to 100%. It's essentially a division between the batter capacity measured in mAh (milli-Amp Hour) and charge rate in mA (milli-Amp).
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What kind of trickle/smart charger are you using?
Was the battery dead?
Thanks Cableguy! It charged up after a long time but it's there. It'll be a handy backup should I ever need it. I'm guessing I should leave it cold until it's further needed...then charge it up again at that time? Thoughts?
Are you using a battery charger? Or battery tender?
Very different things.

I have my batteries hooked up to a battery tender when not in use. Sets the proper voltage and refreshes as needed without over charging the battery.
Here's what I have at home.
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You can also get a 4 port one as well.

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