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2006 Yamaha R6 Raven edition - $7000

I am selling my 2006 Yamaha R6 – Raven Edition as I will be returning to school full time beginning this fall semester. The bike is in perfect working condition and ready to go.
I am the second owner of the bike and I had originally purchased it from Daytona Motorsports in Surrey on April 7th 2010 for $8000. As I am wanting to get rid of the bike ASAP I will be selling it for $6500 (with all riding and maintenance equipment included for free), because of this FIRST PERSON TO MAKE AN OFFER CAN TAKE EVERYTHING.

The bike is absolutely stock except for a larger sprocket in the back for increased torque (installed by original owner) and frame sliders. The bike is also wired and ready for integrated flush mount signals but currently I have it set up on the original factory signal bracket (feel it’s safer).

The bad: While washing the bike for the first time I had made the mistake of not placing it on a rear stand, this caused the side stand to slip out from the soap, I was able to catch the bike but couldn’t hold on to it. The result is a small scratch (about 2 inches) on the very bottom of the rear fender and exhaust. These scratches are not noticeable unless inspected closely. The bike has been washed using a rear stand ever since this (stand will be included)

I have maintained the bike methodically: Chains have been cleaned after every 2 fill ups with Kerosene and Chain Lube using a grunge brush. Bike has also been washed once every week. The bike has also been garage kept. This was my first bike so I have definitely babied it.

Details for the bike are as follows:

2006 Yamaha YZF – R6 – Raven Edition
Km: 12450
Oil change: last oil change performed at 12400km (bike will need its next oil change at 15000km)
Tires: Michelin Pilot Power. 90% condition with lots of tread showing.
Gas: Under the advice of the original owner, I have only used 94 octane from Chevron for fill ups.

As I am wanting to sell the bike fast, I will be including all my riding and maintenance equipment for free with the purchase of the bike.

1 leather Alpine Star RC-1 jacket – size 42 US – bought for $600
1 textile Scorpion Jacket – size medium – bought for $200
1 Icon Domain II helmet with 2 visors (dark smoke and clear) – size small – bought for $350
1 textile Scorpion Pants – size small – bought for $200
1 scorpion armored gloves – size small – brought for $60
1 Icon Filed Armor Vest – size regular – bought for $100
1 rear stand for bike – bought for $150
Will also include 1 grunge brush for chain cleaning, Motul oil and chain cleaner and kerosene

No test drives, unless serious buyer. For more information feel free to give me a call or email me:
778 -878-7609 or <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

[Image: 2qSxi.jpg]
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