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2005 Honda CBR 600RR - REDUCED! $4000 Firm [SOLD]
For Sale: 2005 Honda CBR 600RR [Silver Fairings]
Price: $4000 Firm [SOLD]
Odometer: 23,457 KM as of September 7, 2011 @ 8PM

Original color is Red, but Fairings were damaged from lowsiding (previous owner). You can have all the original Red Fairings as well, not all pieces are completely damaged so you may find use for them or may decide to change it back to Red if you wish. The current Fairings are slightly damaged as well, bought them used but they do the job. You can see the crack and chips in the detailed pictures below.

On the Bike:

- Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust
+-(without the insert, so it is loud and resonates at around 7k RPM, sounds good though)

-Steel Braided Brake Lines in the Front
-EBC HH Sintered Metal Brake Pads in the Front (These do not squeak! Great braking power...)

-DDM HID kit for both Low/High Beam [6000K] (2 separate bulbs and ballasts)

-Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires
+-(Approximately 3000km on them, have not been tracked as you can see by the pictures)

-Fender Eliminator, with Integrated Rear Signals. Front flush mounted turn signals as well.

-Delrin Frame Sliders and Rear Spools

**Note: This bike has been taken on two (2) track days at the Portland International Raceways last year on June 25th 2010, and this year on May 20th 2011. I do not believe the bike was tracked prior to me purchasing the bike when it was still under 5000 KM. This is not a rebuilt status, but you can see the scratches from the crash from the previous owner.

Why are you selling your bike?
-I haven't had the pleasure to really enjoy riding this season with an injured shoulder (rotator cuff) and just need to see her out of sight, out of mind... I still very much love riding, just the discomfort when riding makes me feel otherwise...

I am still interested! How do I get in contact with you?
-Best way is to e-mail me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> or fire a text message to me @ 604-729-8149.

Photos as of September 7th @ 8PM

Attached Files
.jpg   IMG_20110907_192947.jpg (Size: 1.56 MB / Downloads: 1,102)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_192959.jpg (Size: 1.44 MB / Downloads: 1,098)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193010.jpg (Size: 1.31 MB / Downloads: 1,102)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193025.jpg (Size: 1.31 MB / Downloads: 1,066)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193052.jpg (Size: 1.33 MB / Downloads: 1,070)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193101.jpg (Size: 1.24 MB / Downloads: 1,108)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193110.jpg (Size: 1.07 MB / Downloads: 1,095)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193017.jpg (Size: 1.37 MB / Downloads: 1,085)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193033.jpg (Size: 1.32 MB / Downloads: 1,088)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193159.jpg (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 1,098)
Photos as of September 7th @ 8PM

Attached Files
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193308.jpg (Size: 1.11 MB / Downloads: 1,094)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193304.jpg (Size: 1.23 MB / Downloads: 1,106)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193146.jpg (Size: 1.23 MB / Downloads: 1,102)
.jpg   IMG_20110907_193211.jpg (Size: 1.19 MB / Downloads: 1,079)

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