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FS: 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R $5500
Hey guys, looking to upgrade this year to something else so selling my current bike.


21xxx km's on it (Forgot exact because I had to ride it a short distance when I moved)
Shogun No-Cut Frame Sliders and Bar-ends
Jardine RT-1 Titanium exhaust with carbon endcap.
Kawasaki Moto-GP vinyl wrapped over fairings.
Oil changed recently with OEM Kawasaki full synthetic oil.
Michelin Power-PURE 2CT Tires with quite a bit of meat left on them.

The Bad:

Bike has been down twice, both low speed. First owner had dropped left side before sliders were put on, so fairings were replaced and repainted except the rear where there is a bit of (paint missing), then the vinyl wrapped over it. Since then, I myself have laid it down once at clutch slipping speed. Sliders are grinded off but I WILL be replacing pucks before letting bike switch hands. Left mirror was also broken off, but both mirrors have been replaced since then.

Asking $5500 obo.

[Image: img0050nf.jpg]

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[Image: img0052ywk.jpg]

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[Image: img0055y.jpg]

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Feel free to create a small paper ad, and place at our shop as well!

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