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Can anyone recommend a quality Yamaha mechanic?
Well, it happened. Got bumped over by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Walked away but the bike needed repairs. Went to Daytona motorsports in Surrey and they billed ICBC. After a wait for parts bike was quickly made ready. Showed up and the engine cover was replaced despite grease and road grit a few mm's thick not being cleaned around where the side cover was replaced. Got home and they didn't want to fix the rattles from loose new parts so I did. I immediately changed the oil and it was puzzling black. Changed filter and found many reused bolts way out of torque spec.

Anyway, not on here to trash that place and no time for litigation. I just signed to get my bike out of there. What I am looking for is a recommendation for a mechanic who does quality, ethical work. Not dealing ICBC either, rather I just want to pay cash for a good one to diagnose the last remaining problem I can't figure out and give the bike a once over. Anyone have any solid suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

The last problem is a 'whurring' sound that rises with increased speed of the bike not the engine. Sounds like it is from the front end. Can't tell if its the front wheel bearings, transmission or something else.

Its a 2008 FZ6. Fabulous bike that like many of you, I like to keep in nice condition for regular riding.
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Three people from my office (including myself) have had good success with these guys for regular service items. No idea about accident repairs though.

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