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Parking on a hill
I'm having troubles parking facing downhill. In residential areas, I can just do a u-turn and face the other way against traffic. But since I work on a busy street, that might not be the safest thing to do lol. Is there a way or am I damned to walk a block or two in my motorcycle gear in hot weather?
Here's a few things to consider when parking on a hill.

1) Your side stand is always on the downhill side, unless it's too steep that the motorcycle would fall over. We don't want the side stand on the up hill, as the motorcycle would be standing straight up, instead of leaning on the stand.

2) Your motorcycle is always pointing uphill - in case it rolls, the side stand remains engaged.

3) Always park your motorcycle in 1st gear.

Regardless of which side of the road you are on, that's how I park my bike. Might have to get off and push if it has to face oncoming traffic.
Or, easiest thing... find a better parking spot. Smile
Hope that answers your question.

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