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Props to Bernie! - Maintenance 201
Hi all,

I just wanted to acknowledge Bernie and the wonderful (and generous) work he does for us riders! I just finished my 201 course with Bernie. He was ever helpful and informative. I imagine he must have felt like a parent as the four of us kept calling "Bernie", "Bernie" "Bernie" .... All that was missing was us tugging on his shorts!

So thank you Bernie for a great session! Thank you PRS for providing Bernie/us the space and time.

To all PRS grads I thoroughly recommend Bernie's course. Pass the word to all your riding friends (PRS and non-PRS friends)!

Also, thanks to Kramer for giving his time to chat to a newbie about riding skills.

Happy (and safe) riding all!

Leona :O)
2014 PRS alumnus
Thanks for the kind words!
I love teaching it, but it is the hardest 4 hours of work I come across!
One last one October 18th, and then it's time to rest.
I miss teaching in the winter, but not the drives ;-)
BC Children's Hospital Foundation Balding for Dollars

Email Bernie: PRSMechanic(at)hotmail(dot)com

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