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Indian Arm FSR 80km ride, 10:00 am Saturday 27th August
Hi folks,
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in riding the Indian Arm FSR from Squamish to Granite Falls at the head of Indian Arm. It's about 80km total for the there and back.
Blair and I rode the route last Sunday and I enjoyed the ride a lot. The route is slightly more difficult than the Squamish Valley ride we did, but is within everyones limit. It has a long uphill start and a couple of minor up/down challenges in between, but honestly it's not too hard. At the end of the road is a large open area that looks good for practising slow speed turns etc. I did not notice any private property signage.
I propose we meet at 10:00am at the Spirit Bear Gas station on Valley Drive on the right hand side at the north end of the Chief, at the set off traffic lights just as you enter the town of Squamish. There's also a Casino/slots building to the right.
I would like to ride to Granite Falls, stop, admire the views, have a lunch/snack and then head back. We should back in Squamish no later then 2pm.
Cheers, Bill.

Is this an Off road type of riding?

Yes it is

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