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Replaced Shift Pedal but now Foot Peg has flex in it...03 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750
Hi all,

so, last week I had a small "booboo" i shouldn't been looking at that pothole when I turn left kinda of booboo....

I did however bend my shift lever...that means I had to take out all the foot peg structure and put it back on later.

Now fast forward to AFTER i got the new parts and tighten all the nuts and bolts on it.

I replaced the shift pedal & the bolts that secure to the bike.

I have tighten everything with the best of my ability.

But now I noticed my foot peg is flexing when I step on it...not sure if this is normal?

Without me posting all the pictures, does anyone has similar situation???
Are there any washers that could have gone on the post differently?
You can look up the parts on partszilla or any online site, and it will show the proper order.
If it's rubber mounted then it always had some flex init.
Is your 'stepping on it' something you normally do, or is it normally a rest?
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I had an exploded diagram from Holeshot showing the washers...which I did put them on...not sure If I over tighten them as I didn't put them on with a torque wrench.

it is the "BRKT, L. MAIN STEP" as the diagram named it (item 9). Within the bracket, where the washers & bolts are matching up to, there are rubber O-ring washer on them.

I did not replace the brackets at all as I only replaced the bolts, item 15, as they was bend

As for the stepping on it, I do not remember exactly but I seem to recall as I just put my foot on the peg and applied some pressure while I was sitting on the seat...maybe just me being overly cautious???

here is the Link of the exploded view:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... veh=192307</a><!-- m -->

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