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PAC Ride - Chuckanut Dr via Birch Bay (Maybe Anacortes?) Sat Oct 14, 2017
Date: Sat Oct 14, 2017 Ride is A GO! (Stay up to date on this post)
Weather Permitting!! Look for the GREEN message above.

For people with NEXUS:
Time: 11:00am, leaving 11:30pm
Meet 1: Pacific Riding School

For people without NEXUS, we meet in the USA, allow for border wait times!:
Time: 11:00am, leaving 12:00pm
Meet 2: Chevron @ Blaine (568 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, WA 98230, United States)

Destination 1: Chuckanut Drive via Birch Bay, returning on Colony Rd -> I-5 highway
Destination 2: Up to the group, but we can continue to Anacortes and have lunch there?

Approximate Ride Time: 1 hour 55 min 1 direction! 45-60 Mins return on I-5

Map: Click here for Map

Please familiarize yourself with the route! (link above)

Come ride with your fellow PRS alumni for a nice easy cruise through the back roads of Washington.

As usual, we will meet, socialize, have a safety meeting, and break off into your own groups riding safely through Chuckanut Dr.

** Please refrain from e-mailing or calling the PRS line for inquiries. Direct your questions via email to me, or via this forum. **

I would go if I wasn’t working Cry
Distance is measured in the amount of bugs I splatter on my visor...
Sandra and I are in.
I am in with two riders (3 of us)
Jerry, where are you meeting us? The Chevron like last time?
Cableguy Wrote:Jerry, where are you meeting us? The Chevron like last time?

at Chevron ~~

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