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Gear Shift lever adjustment
Just bought a pair of alpine star Tech 3 chrome boot. Downshift in my versys 300 is just like normal. But upshift is very difficult or almost impossible. Thought about adjusting the gear shift lever higher but when I try to lift my foot higher, that positions is kind of weird. 
1, will adjustment the shift lever higher solves the program or weird shift is normal for all Mx boot ? 

2, how about changing the shift lever, will that work ? 

Attached picture below, showing I have to push my leg to the front to shift. 

Thank you
Hey, can't see your pic..

Not sure if I understand your question of "upshift is difficult or impossible".
(04-06-2018, 12:54 AM)Cableguy Wrote: Hey, can't see your pic..

Not sure if I understand your question of "upshift  is difficult or impossible".

Sorry last picture size is too big. Uploaded a smaller picture.
When I try to shift from 1 to 2, I had to move my body forward and lower my knee. Or I have to remove my right foot off the foot peg and just use the tip on the boot to kick up the shift lever. I hope this is making sense


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(Pic is a little small now Big Grin) But from what I can see, yes, normal when wearing that style MX boot. You can adjust the lever a little higher (little adjustments at a time) to see how you like the changes.

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