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PAC Enduro Ride - Explore Mamquam River FSR and local area Jun 23, 2018

Route difficulty: 
Beginner+ to Intermediate.  It won’t be all flat gravel FSR’s. Expect some rougher gravel uphill / downhill sections and rocky sections where washouts have been repaired or rain has routed the FSR. Riders should also be prepared for dusty conditions and be comfortable peg steering on the gravel uphills and downhills.
Meet: 08:45 
Starbucks - Caulfield Village Shopping Centre in West Vancouver.  Westbound on the Upper Levels Highway take Exit No. 4 for Woodgreen Drive, turn left (south) onto Headland Drive. Caulfield Village is on the right after crossing over the highway. 
Depart: 09:00 
For the Squamish Valley Gas Bar, Corner of HWY-99 and Valley Drive. Gas up, air down, gear adjustment, bathroom break, buy snacks etc.
Depart Squamish Valley Gas Bar: 10:00 
We’ll head up the Mamquam River FSR as far a possible. There’s a right leg along Mamquam river and left leg up Skookum Creek to a Hydro dam.  We’ll stop for snack break ~12:00 at the Skookum Creek bridge by the junction with the Mamquam River.  Then we'll take the road up to Lava Flow area to explore the easy part of the Ring Creek Rip trail.  If possible we’ll connect through to Garibaldi Park Road - if not, we’ll come back out the same way and head back to Squamish Valley gas bar, arriving ~2pm.  Total ~3-4 hours, ~80km gravel including snack break stop by a bridge.
If riders want more we can continue to Garibaldi Park Road and the Elfin Lake trail head, ~40km of pavement and gravel, returning to the Gas Bar by 4pm to gas up before heading for home, or we could end the ride at the Shady Tree Pub for a burger and non-acholic beverage 
Caulfield Starbucks to Squamish Valley Gas Bar 
Mamquam River FSR 
Elfin Lake Trailhead 
What to Bring
  • Snacks and water. There's a Safeway or Starbucks in Caulfield for last minute planners.
  • Fuel for 100km
  • Tools - riders should be able to repair a flat.  We'll have some limited tools and everyone will help, but you should work towards being self-sufficient
  • Spot  / InReach Locator - If you have one, bring it.
  • Riding gear - same as for the Enduro course. Rain gear as necessary.
  • Dust mask or bandana, goggles if you like
  • Something to clean your face shield - a wet micro-fibre cloth in a zip-lock baggie works a treat
  • Bush toilet kit
Basic Group riding etiquette
For safety and to keep the group together, we’ll stop at intersections (or waypoints) to re-group before continuing.
Check behind you from time to time to confirm the rider following you is still there. Slow down or stop and wait until you see them before continuing.

Safety and Considerations
Although there will be PRS Enduro Instructors present, this is a self supported ride and riders should be prepared to deal with any issues that may occur, including navigation and mechanical challenges.

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