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ADV ride Chehalis FSR loop to Norrish Creek FSR via the Dickson Lake loop
Any interest in a day ride in Wed/Thursday July 11-12

Hoping to start at the Chehalis FSR and loop to the Norrish Creek FSR via the Dickson Lake loop.
The Backroad Map book ( pages 4 and 14) shows plenty of loops in that area.

Reply if interested.
RD, I'm available on Wednesday or Thursday, whichever day suits you best.
I read your friends report and got a bit concerned about the route.
If we take the Chehalus FSR to 14.5km, we can either turn left and try the Dickson loop/ Margaret creek route; or turn right and follow the Chehalus FSR to the campsite or beyond to the landslide. On the way back we could cross over to the Fleetwood FSR and that should takes us back to the start point.
Anyway, lots of options and I'm happy to try.
Cheers, Bill

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