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2018 BMW R1200GS LC Rallye
Hi all!

What I have here is a 2018 R1200GS LC Rallye Low Edition.

Year: 2018

Make: BMW

Model: R1200GS Rallye Low Edition (Factory Lowered)

Color: Lupin-Blau Metallic

Warranty End: 2021-Feb-22

Odo: ~7500 KM (slowly increasing as I am still commuting on it)

2nd owner

Runs awesome and Fun while at it

Just had it's first year service at Highroad BMW/Ducati Langley with a clean bill of health!

With its powerful 1,170cc of horizontal boxer engine, you can have a great blast on a long stretch of road with its great gas mileage or on dirt/mud/gravel when you demands some off road fun!!

Even after all that fun, you can still use it as a great commuter zipping in and out of the traffic with great ease and agility!

And since this bike is factory lowered with lower seat with Dynamic ESA to allow even lower suspension height, even for a shorter inseam guy like me, the bike is never too crazy to be handled.

Don't worry if you are a long legged person. You need NO TOOLS and just a few buttons at the controls to bring back to highest position.

I truly love this motorcycle but with unexpected family/life changing events, I have no choice but let her go. 

Ask for test ride before hand with payment in hand. If not, I can start the bike up and let you play with buttons. Also no trade as well. 

She comes with lots of goodies and here are some of the highlights:

[*]Factory Lowered & Lowered Seat (I am 5'-9 with 29" inseam, and I can flat foot with the lowest settings which gives me great load of confident on and off road)

[*]Rallye Package, Comfort & Touring Package & Pillion-Passenger Package (Off Road ready while still has the comfort for long touring rides...Iron-butt anyone?)

[*]Warranty (She still within Warranty period until 2020-Feb-22!. It is always great to have a peice of mind when you know BMW still got your back)

[*]Driving/Dynamic Mode Pro (ROAD & DYNA, ENDURO), ABS Pro, Shift-Assist Pro (All the goodies that helps you go faster, safer and more fun!)

[*]Cruise Control (Great for those long and wide country roads when you just want to relax and enjoy the sceneries)

[*]Dynamic ESA (Allows you to set your seat height & suspension settings through the touch of the buttons)

[*]LED Headlight (Lighten up the darkest night and who doesn't like to see where they going)

[*]Keyless Start/Ride (Push a button and go without needing to fiddle around with keys!)

[*]Hill Start Control (Help to hold the bike on the hill without the need of holding the brakes...sometimes you just want a break from the brakes!)

[*]Heated Grip (trust me, I love this when I ride near 0 degree C temp...hmm...warm hands)

[*]RDC (The fancier BMW version of Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

[*]Alarm System (One more tool for you to keep those pesky theives away from your precious)

[*]TFT Liquid Crystal Display & BMW Connectivity (BMW's Fancy Digital display with the ability tell you the status of your motorcycle while has the ability to connect to your GSP, phone, music player)

[*]Navigation Unit Mount (hmmm...the place where you can mount your GPS? currently is set up for Garmin Nav V/VI)

[*]BMW Shaft Drive (Bulletproof Shaft drive so you don't need to worry about lubing your chain during the long rides & chain breaking when you go offroad!)

[*]BMW Hand Protector, SW-Motech Engine Guard, Headlight guard (The guards that protect you and your bike when those pesky roads/bugs start to fly at you on/off road and there for you when oops happens)

[*]BMW Tubeless-Cross-Spoke Wheels (The awesome tubeless so that you don't have to fiddle around the tubes if you ever get a flat...just plug and go!)

[*]BMW Vario Top Case (Good old expendable top box where you can put a FULLFACE helmet when fully extended. It sure comes handy when you can't store anywhere else)

Here is a copy of the craigslist post for more pictures.

If interested, feel free to contact Tim @ or text @ 778-999-5339

Asking for $22,500 CDN

Price is negotiable

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